Longsleeve Biospeed™ circular running shirt

Plant-based performance LS

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Made in EU

Functional running longsleeve for men and women - for maximum performance with a minimal ecological footprint. Our new Biospeed™ collection is made from the unique NILPLA® material, a new plant-based fabric developed and manufactured in Europe. It not only surpasses the functional properties of petroleum-based technology fibers such as polyester. NILPLA® is also kind to the skin, anti-static and odour-inhibiting.

Unlike polyester, our special NILPLA ® material is not made from petroleum, but from plant-based raw materials, such as sugar cane or corn residues. It is a so-called polylactide and is significantly more functional than conventional plastic functional material.

Our NILPLA® material is completely circular and enables the perfect cycle through our molecular recycling program. Once this product has worn out, we take it back for recycling and - unlike most conventional plastic fibers - convert it back into the original fibers without any loss of quality. Learn more about molecular recycling and our innovative circular program.

This product is made in the Czech Republic in the NIL Textile manufactory. Find out more about our transparency promise here.

Material: 100% NILPLA®
Cut: Athletic
Weight: 145g/
Sizes: XS - XXL
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