WINQS wins ISPO Award 2022

Only a few months after its founding, the Berlin startup WINQS received the most prestigious award in the sports industry, the ISPO Award 2022. The Zerofly running shoe convinced the jury as an excellent, innovative sports product.

"Of course it is an important testimony to our work so far," says co-founder Jan Kratochvil. The ISPO Award is an important seal that the WINQS brand is driving sustainable change while still offering top-quality products for demanding athletes. Special thanks go to all partners and suppliers who helped develop the project with patience and innovation during this difficult time.

The flagship of the first collection, the WINQS Zerofly ™ - the world's first climate-neutral performance running shoe, made with bio-based and recycled materials, received a specific award. Ultra-light, optimally cushioned and equipped with unique technologies for fast and healthy runs. A holistic Repair, Reuse & Recycle program also helps to significantly extend the lifespan of the shoe.

The award is also a signal in the direction of retail, says co-founder Marek Brincil. "In addition to the further development of the products, we are now beginning to build up a global network." After all, the goal is not just to establish a niche of ecologically conscious sports brands, but to change an entire industry.

Link to the message : Official message from ISPO

More about the product : WINQS Zerofly ™ running shoe

About the brand : WINQS is the first sports brand in the world to produce all of our running shoes, clothing and accessories with bio-based or recycled materials , in a climate-neutral manner and with a circular concept .