WINQS Statement Tee
Recycled Cotton Shirt Statement
WINQS Statement Tee
Recycled Cotton Shirt Statement

Recycled Cotton Shirt Statement

Responsible sportswear

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Comfortably cut tea, wonderfully soft and with a particularly green conscience. Because although cotton is a renewable resource, it can still have problematic effects on the environment. That's why we make our Responsible Cotton collection from recycled and organic fibers. Compared to 1 kg of conventional cotton, our NILCOTT® material saves 14,740 liters of water, 23 kg of CO2 emissions, 56 kWh of energy, 1.1 kg of chemicals and 10.5 m2 of floor space.

NILCOTT® is a fully circular material and enables perfect circulation. Once it wears out, we take it back for recycling and turn it back into usable textile fiber. Learn more about molecular recycling and our innovative circular program.

This product is made in the Czech Republic in the NIL Textile manufactory. Find out more about our transparency promise here.

Material: 100% cotton
Cut: Regular
Weight: 170 g/m2
Sizes: XS - XXL
Colours: black-white, organic anthracite, black-black