SmellWell Freshener Bag

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More than just a gym bag. SmellWell Freshener Bags are unique gym bags that eliminate moisture, bacteria and odor.

Available in two sizes and six bright colors, SmellWell Freshener Bags are ideal for shoes, sportswear, helmets, boxing gloves and much more.

SmellWell Freshener Bags are effective for up to 2 years and can be recharged in between in the sun or on the heater. Unopened packaging retains its full potency indefinitely.


SmellWell was created by Swedish athletes and scientists
developed to maintain an active lifestyle.
SmellWell Freshener Bags contain Moso bamboo and natural
Minerals and salts, moisture, bacteria and odor
fight. The special ripstop outer material is tear and tear resistant
Water resistant.
Tested according to REACH for consumer and environmental safety
and certified. Free from harmful substances and completely without biocides
phthalates. All SmellWell products are climate-neutral