The landing of the hummingbird

Die Landung des Kolibris

Have you noticed? WINQS has a new logo. Even more than that. We really loved our original branding. But early on we encountered various challenges – technical, visual, and also questions of originality. However, the main problem was different: we felt that our branding didn't tell our real story.

So we teamed up with designer Denny Loveiko to find a visual language that actually embodies all of our values:

- Connection to untouched nature, especially clean air
- perfect symbiosis with fauna and flora
- unrivaled athletic performance, mainly in terms of speed and intensity
- positive, non-aggressive connotation in any culture
- clear recognizability and connection to the phonetics of our name

This is how we found the perfect symbol for our mission: the hummingbird .

Relative to their body size, hummingbirds are the fastest animals on earth. They can cover more body lengths per second than any other vertebrate. Relative to their size, they can even overtake fighter jets or the space shuttle - while withstanding G-forces that would render fighter pilots swoon. In addition, they are brave and committed to a clean environment - as a famous legend you may know tells:

“Once there was a raging forest fire. All the animals watched the catastrophe helplessly and frightened. Only one hummingbird scurried around, grabbed a few drops of water with its beak and threw them on the fire. After a while, an annoyed armadillo said to the little bird, "Hummingbird! What are you doing? You won't put out the fire with those few drops of water!" And the hummingbird replied, "I know, but at least I'm doing my part."

With WINQS we are now doing our part.

You will already discover our new branding on our new collection, which will be released in the next few weeks. The elements of the new branding can be downloaded from our media kit .

Photo: Alina Rudya